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Anthony Ruby

Paintings 2016 - 19

'Foghorns and False Beacons'  is Ruby's first solo exhibition since returning from the U.K.  The work visualises and marries various acoustic inventions and modern visual technology with birds, animals and zoomorphic figures in surreal retro-futuristic settings.

This body of work was shown from 5th - 28th April 2019 in a solo show at The Clonakilty Community Arts Centre, West Cork.

For Sarah Kelleher's 2019 text on work see Press / Archive page.

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0129.jpg

Mechanical Mouth         Oil on Canvas         55cm x 48cm         2019

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0203.jpg

Ha'penny Horses      Oil and Acrylic on Canvas       120 x 90        2018-19

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0107.jpg

Topophone Whistle          105cm x 110cm            Oil on Canvas             2017-19

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0181.jpg

Viral    Oil and Acrylic on Canvas    120 x 90    2019

Anthony Ruby Painting 2019.jpg

The Illustrious Society of Luddites          Oil on Panel          128cm x 98cm           2016-19   

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0152.jpg

Nocturnal Song           Oil on Canvas            110cm x 120cm               2019

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0115.jpg

Blackpools        Oil on Panel             56cm x 76cm            2016-18

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0167.jpg

Blue Fingers        Oil on Gesso Panel           30cm x 20cm           2018-19

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0103.jpg

Five Years of Solitude             Oil on Panel             56cm x 76cm              2017-19  

Anthony Ruby Art-20190416-0140.jpg

The Aliens Have Landed             Oil on Gesso Panel              76cm x 56cm            2017-19

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