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Anthony Ruby

Paintings 2004 - 06

From the late 90's to the mid 2000's, Ruby developed a style of narrative, figurative painting that incorporated personal history, social realities and political, moral dilemma.  Dystopian urban worlds are laced with tormented figures who exist within the underbelly of society. 

The Black Paintings  of Francisco Goya had a profound affect on Ruby's approach to painting throughout this period. The German Neue Sachlichkeit  artists from the 1920's Weimar Republic such as Max Beckmann, George Grosz and Otto Dix were also constant points of reference. 

The imagery of the Mexican Muralist movement and artists such as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros were an ongoing influence on Ruby's work feeding into The Pana Shuffle  Mural at Mutton Lane in 2004-05.

Scottish Figurative painting from the 1980s/90s remained a source of reference for Ruby and painters such as Stephen Campbell, Ken Currie, Peter Howson and Adrian Wiszniewski continued to influence Ruby's work at this stage.


The Show is Over I                          Oil on Linen                   44cm x 44cm                  2005 


The Show is Over II                        Oil on Linen                   44cm x 44cm                  2005 

The following works are a selection from the show 'Fall of the Rebel Angels ' which hung at The Launderette Gallery - Cork - Oct/Nov 2005


Scapegoat for Anger          Oil on Canvas                122cm x 153cm                    2005


The Jolly Gluttons               Oil on Canvas                   122cm x 153cm                     2005


Self-Portrait                      Oil on Canvas                        30cm x 30cm                           2005


Frozen Out                           30cm x 30cm                         Oil on Canvas                       2005


Fever Joe                          Oil on Canvas                        30cm x 30cm                          2005

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